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Help For Honolulu Hot Tubs

Although you would think that Hawaii is always hot, there is definitely a winter season and during that short cold period having a nice working hottub to dive into after a day at the beach or after the golf course is amazing. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your Jacuzzi Hottub running in tip top condition all year round.

  1. When its hot and you won't be using the Hottub, DO NOT power it off, rather turn the temperature down, the most expensive electrical cost on your Jacuzzi is the heater.

  2. Depending on your usage and bather load you should be draining and refilling the water in the Hottub every 3-6 months. it is very important that when refilling your jacuzzi you stick the hose end into the skimmer or filter bay, this will help purge all the air from the circulation system and minimize your chance of a burned out pump due to dry priming conditions

  3. PH PH PH......Major components in your Hottub are built from soft metals and rubber. Water with a low PH will cause premature failure of the mechanical seals in your circulation pump or a heater failure. Hottub water PH should be tested weekly and painted in the 7.2-7.6 reading.

Hottub are great additions to any Honolulu backyard, and following these tips will allow you to enjoy your jacuzzi trouble free, However when you do need help feel free to call us.

Kai Lani Pools Llc (808) 397-1099

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